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The gold standard
Simon Crunden

The Swiss are the gold standard for public transport, they have been for decades. It’s not the fastest, it’s not the most glamorous, it’s simply designed to work, and it does, extremely well.

The burden of expenses
Simon Crunden

Managing expenses on a business trip is excruciatingly hard work. Most travellers will easily ratchet up 10+ expenses per day: breakfast, multiple coffees, lunch, public transport fares, taxi fares, dinners, the list goes on.

Friction is the enemy
Simon Crunden

The most common feature of popular tech platforms is they are stupidly easy to use. In tech nothing else matters. We spend hours reviewing user interaction within Nutrip. What we’re looking for is friction.

Break the plastic mould
Simon Crunden

One of my goals on our four week break in the UK and Switzerland was to try and get through it without buying plastic bottled water. My strategy was simple, take my own water bottle where ever we went and fill it up where I could.

Driving better outcomes
Simon Crunden

Organisations spend a disproportionate amount of time managing employees' travel expenditure. Travellers, personal assistants, administrators, finance teams and approvers are all involved. It’s time consuming, inefficient and downright frustrating.

Don't forget your wallet
Simon Crunden

On a recent trip to Europe, I thought I had packed everything, that was until I needed to hire a car. In an instant, I realised forgot to pack my wallet, and in it was my driver’s licence.

Do you know where they are?
Chris Probert

Imagine there's a crisis unfolding, and you have hundreds of travellers on the road on a given day of the week. Imagine the supporting tools for your travellers are limited to the last airport or city centre they transited through, or invasive GPS technology tracking devices.

Managing travel risk
Simon Crunden

Corporate risk is a multifaceted issue that organisations must be mindful of in today’s globalised market. One area requiring careful consideration is business travel.

A chat with Professor Bamber
Simon Crunden

Last week I talked by phone with Greg J. Bamber, an experienced professor at Monash University. Before moving to Australia, he was a tenured academic at the University of Durham. He has travelled across the globe doing international research.


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